The oldest known decimal multiplication table would not have been terribly convenient to carry around



Very cool, but I wouldn’t want the math in my tomb – comic books only, please…

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I was always fascinated by ancient technology. Through the works of Carl Sagan and James Burke, among oters, I realized that isolated ancient cultures, given enough time, tended to arrive at the same conclusions in math, science, and even art (suddenly cultures around the world figured out perspective!). Furter proof that intelligence is universal, and only stifled when radical points of view are allowed to dominate the populace.

This was just before Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor, united the country; he subsequently ordered book burnings and banned private libraries in an attempt to reshape the country’s intellectual tradition.

Wait till the TSA hears about this.

He kept copies in his own library, which was sacked and burned in the chaos following his death.

Those red vs green guys make me think of

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Pia Zadora’s greatest role, I might add.

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