The oldest living things in the world


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I hope it includes a section for Stromatolites in there since they are basically the oldest living things in the world. The Stromatolites in Shark Bay, Western Australia, for instance are estimated to be around 3 billion years old so that is going to be tough to top.


The aspen grove in Utah is also the largest and heaviest organism in the world, covering over 100 acres and weighing about 13 million pounds. Aspens send out suckers from a mother tree, which then send up stems, so an entire grove could be one single organism.


I like llareta (Sussman’s photos of it seemed to be everywhere this past week)… At only ~3000 yrs, it is a bit of a baby.

I feel compelled to head down to the Atacama to search for the perfect llareta that would meet Bushmiller’s aestetic:


Insert Joan Rivers joke here

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