The Oliver Twist workhouse is becoming a block of luxury flats with a "poor door"

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That is traditional.

English street naming is aspirational rather than saying anything about the street in reality.

Hence the Such-and-Such “Avenues” that have never seen a tree or Chestnut Road which commemorates the fact that there used to be trees there once.

This one really does have the full package:

Ah, bless.

Quite right too, we can’t have junior doctors or senior nurses mingling with the rich. I mean imagine how annoying that would be for the NHS workers. All those requests for free medical advice.

To add insult to injury, the ‘affordable’ flats will all be on pre-payment meters.

from an application to alter the plans here:

Although there is apparently also going to be an MRI scanning centre:

It’ll be interesting to see if that survives through to completion.


In my lovely city developers made a concerted effort to do away with rent control in the late 90’s, their argument was “if we can’t raise rents we can’t make enough to build more housing, that’s why there’s a housing crisis.” So rent control was repealed, and developers build more luxury housing, while kicking out the tenants in their run-down buildings so they could refurbish them and charge more for rent. End result: even less affordable housing than when we had rent control.


of all the despicable names to call someone, I can think of few more damning than a developer. Greed beyond anything else is killing the world.

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If your “poor door” “subsidized” apartments are going to doctors and nurses then there is something seriously wrong with the housing market in the area.

(To be honest: if they are going to full-time cafeteria workers and orderlies, THERE IS STILL SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG.)


Hear, hear. In Brooklyn Heights, where I work (but definitely not where I live) the income cap for the lowest income tier I saw on a new luxury building’s “affordable” units $90,000/year…


You should charge more for the scenic value of using the ‘poor’ door.

That was just an assumption on my part but I think it’s a fairly safe one.

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'Ow the fook else are we s’posed to get in then?

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