The Onion parodies Dianne Feinstein

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is dianne running again?

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She finally announced that she won’t seek another term, but not before several Democratic politicians in California got impatient and announced that they would be running for her seat either way.


Not really cool given what she’s struggling with.


If she couldn’t handle being a public figure, she should have retired when her peers did.


Clearly you don’t understand the nature of what her more honest colleagues have said she’s struggling with. I hope you never have to.



My grandfather developed a similar condition. It isn’t like any other types of illness and that’s all I have to say. Handling it in a public figure like a president or senator is, was, and always will be especially difficult.


You get a job and you do your job. If repeated absences become an issue then the boss sits you down and ya get a talking to. Depending on the workplace there’s either great accommodation or simply zero tolerance.

Comes a time when you need to admit your personal issues are affecting the functionality of the workplace. I’m sorry if X keeps happening to you, but we need to get shit done around here and can’t keep things in limbo hoping you’ll show up some day.

She’s obviously been away dealing some … as said, some really difficult health issues while part of a non-standard workplace… there’s no ‘boss’ to terminate you… and if you get stubborn in your ways then caring advice can come across as mean.

My grandparents roof desperately needed new shingles - my grandpa built the house himself and damn if he has to now hire someone to do that work… no way, he’ll get around to doing it himself. He couldn’t climb a ladder anymore, procrastinated yet insisted he would do it. A year later grandpa was dead and a simple $4,000 roof job was now $18,000 worth of repairs from water damage.

Do others know better? Not always, but sometimes there’s sound reasoning why we take the car keys away from the infirm.


Life imitates art


While I don’t think it’s healthy for Feinstein or for the country for her to do this job in her condition, this “spoof” is ableist and ageist as fuck, and unfunny to boot.


The Lacey Davenport character was supposedly modeled after real-life politician Millicent Fenwick, but that’s another story.

There was a whole depressing storyline about Davenport not realizing when it was time for her to retire as her alzheimers symptoms worsened. Here’s the June 20, 1997 strip that seems quite relevant:


That feels like an icky cheap shot.


I have to respectfully disagree.
Sen Feinstein is an ultra wealthy US senator. She will never feel the kind of discrimination and uncertainty someone in her condition who is on the edge of society. The purpose of this parody is not to poke fun at the aged or disabled.
The parody is calling out Truth to Power: Your condition, Sen Feinstein, is endangering our democracy with the senate only tenuously held by democrats. You don’t get to cos-play senator when your absence f**ks up America (preventing military personnel getting promoted, for example). So step down, you selfish ass!

(also, republicans are gonna be a**holes. Nothing you can do about that. Focus on what we can do.)


This sounds awful.


Gonna disagree. Satire works when the intended target sees it and is affected by it. There’s no indication that it will change her at all. In fact, news reports indicate that her mental faculties have degraded considerably. As I posted above, she seems to think she’s been in the senate voting this whole time.

The onion article won’t affect her at all.

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