The Peltzman model: a way to understand the kind of regulation Facebook might face from Congress

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In the case of Facebook, voters are worried about the costs in privacy, not cash

This is key to understanding why Facebook and Google have thus far escaped scrutiny for monopolistic practises. The regulatory mindset in the U.S. needs to be updated to consider that dollars aren’t the only thing a consumer can be gouged out of, and the lobbyists for the tech companies that depend on advertising revenue will be doing everything they can to make sure it isn’t.


can you guys hire an editor? I swear there isn’t a single post that doesn’t come out with out any obviously incorrect “autocorrected” words.

Or am I missing something about how voters can “publish” politicians. I wouldn’t normally care but this seems to happen in every single post.


They seem united on blocking “Russian trolls”, which in practice means anything of a political nature from Russia. I guess they will also block Macedonian trolls:

But what if trolls pop up in Nigeria, Bangladesh or Mongolia? Lets keep it simple and just block the whole world.
Countries like Myanmar, Israel and Turkey will happily copy the US regulations.


Meh, I’m completely of the same mind but it’ll never happen. The writers self-edit and self-post. If it were held for an editor’s purview, one: that’s another hire, or a lot of extra time they all spend doing peer-edits, and two: it means articles are posted later. both of these things are a no-no for printing/journalism in the 21st century. during the magazine/newspaper era, there were a lot fewer outlets, so they all got more money, and there was more money flowing through the economy, generally. So, there was money spent on fixing typos. Now, the money isn’t there, and the deadline isn’t once per day, it’s NOW! So there are typos and that’s that. It’s wack, though, I agree. Future generations will probably think we were spoiled to have such luxuries!


This makes me sad. It also makes me feel like some sort of dinosaur. Possibly a saddasaurus.


Off with their letterhead!


I have to admit… I’m with @theodore604. I’ve been with BoingBoing since 1999 (pre-Blogger). Over the last few years: The superfluous animated gif feature has tanked performance on everything I try (Explorer, Chrome, now even 4k-Netflix-Capable Edge), every 10th article is trying to pitch a not-so-subtle associate link at me, and the quality has become such that it feels at times to simply be a delayed mirror of the Reddit subs that I subscribe to.

My young kids, who are all now adults, grew up with a little game: They would say ‘BoingBoing’ and I would immediately chime in with a lyrical ‘dot NET.’ Long ago, you see, boingboing dot com was a porn website and I didn’t want them to go to the wrong place. But I did very much want them to go to, since it was full of unusual information and rare finds.

I so very much miss the wanderkammen.

Which, I suppose, makes me a saddasaurus too.


All this time I thought that Facebook was a division of the GOP; nothing will change.

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In honor of vag. bike season (the Uber, but for vegan feminists…yeah, I know, not terribly Uber…I mean, blockchain transportation services for persons) I think I’d like to throw the ‘Why not Both’ GIF out here.
[Am looking for Covered magazine, found which is for the ‘modest woman.’ Bad day at the searchway.]

Is there not more than one Peltzman model or is it ‘model regulation’ that this faces?
Ultrasecure European Fashion Crime Prison Models want to know.
I got to write to put the breuzinho in the censor bros.

Indeed, but Cory is the one who has many times more typos and general carelessness than the others. He is a very good writer, campaigner and sometimes polemicist, but having read his fiction and his posts here, if anyone’s writing would improve across the board with the services of a dedicated editor, it’s his. (HIs writing in other places, like The Guardian, is usually better quality - a) I suspect he spends more ‘time per word’ on things like that than on posts here, and why wouldn’t he? b) well, maybe places like The Guardian have sub-editors?)

What’s also annoying is that he appears to ignore/never read comments. Other writers here make errors, are told, and update/correct, but Cory rarely seems to.

So I guess I’m of the same mind too, but as you say

But even with the reasons re cost and delay that you note, is it too much to expect a writer to actually read what they write? It seems like he writes and moves on and never re-reads. If he did, the quality of his writing would be improved for sure, but quality costs money, eh (as you note).

Or maybe he could try one of the Six Sigma course from the BB shop, what with SIx Sigma being" a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects" (and not merely a “project management methodology” offering certification, as the post linked to above suggests)

Hmm. I’d better /rant, I guess.
PS I love BB, even with all its defects. :wink:

ETA for grammatical purposes - I am my own sub-editor and just a bit slow sometimes.


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