The pharma billionaires whose family company created the opioid epidemic are disintegrating into a bickering mess


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Their names are really Mortimer and Raymond? I had to check IMDB to make sure this wasn’t just a parody of the evil billionaires Mortimer and Randolph from Trading Places.


Well, more like “They’re getting worried that the efforts to make them personally financially responsible for the harm caused by their greed will send them to the poorhouse, and now they’re fighting to try and shift blame onto each other”.


I recommend they start adding rooms to their mansion in a hap hazard way to keep away the ghosts of the people that died due to their drugs.


There are good heirs on both sides!


I suggest they hurriedly throw some cash into suitcases and then fly from airport to airport seeking and being denied asylum, until finally they are caught by one of our crack Seal teams that grabs them and deposits them in Guantanamo Bay where they can await trial.


They’re all a bunch of 'sack’ler of shits.


Usually these families just fight about money. The source of a family fortune has to be seriously messed up if the heirs are climbing over each-other like crabs in a barrel to keep their reputations as well as their cash.


That’s going to take a LOT if rooms. Like Mad King Ludwig, cubed!



They should just take a chill pill and it’d all be fine.


My theory is that the opioid crisis is only now becoming newsworthy because without criminalized Marijuana the drug war will likely fall apart. USia doesn’t know how to think about itself outside the context of war, any kind of war will do.


“Sometimes, you just need to take two Bufferin or something and go to bed.”
– Jeff Sessions


That’s part of it, but it really became a crisis only after it started affecting large numbers of white people.


Well, and/or the third option, spending your tax dollars on self-aggrandizement rather than, say, paying taxes…


The Sackler wing of MoMA needs to be rechristened as a memorial to all the victims of Purdue pharmaceuticals. The money that was used to build it was stained with human blood and misery.


The reaction to it is largely driven by race, but we are also looking at a simply massive change in death rates that would qualify as a crisis in any case.


We gotta chase these dragons.


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