The price of stealing an identity is crashing, with no bottom in sight


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Huh. I wonder where they’d find that…


Dell even observed new versions being manufactured with 3D printers, along with bluetooth and micro-camera accessories.

See? 3d printers are crime tools! They must be banned, and then only outlaws will have 3d printers!


Sounds like a discount one would find at the Boing Boing Store.


You didn’t look at my screenshot… :stuck_out_tongue:


Duh. Post lunch doldrums – better go get some caffeine. :sleeping:


Hyperbole headline is hyperbole


Don’t feel bad, my eyes are trained to ignore anything that looks like an ad too.

Well done sir. Well done.


What? No links on where to pay for these services?


I think this comment should be over the Tautology club! :wink:

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