The psychedelic nightmares of the pop-up Necronomicon


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The Necronomicon pop-up book

I’m disappointed that the pop-up effect isn’t extra-euclidean.


On the plus side, it looks like there are plenty of sharp angles, so you’re practically guaranteed an incursion of Hounds of Tindalos.



psychedelic nightmares huh, is this like that one time when the jalapeno crawled on top of the highest chip in the mountainous 7-11 chip pile and opened its cavernous maw as a challenge directed straight at me, as a result of which I didn’t eat 7-11 nachos for a couple years and when I managed to start back up they were no longer as much cheese, as many chips and as many jalapenos you could fit in the box. In other words they had been ruined by late stage capitalism. Damn it

Because if it’s not like that then stop the bragging


Sounds like you might enjoy John Dies At the End, the book.


If you really want to have nightmares from the Necronomicon, check our H.R. Giger’s version, the guy who designed the Alien creature. There is some really bizarre and twisted art work in that book. The theme of locked into bio-mechanical existence for eternity is accentuated in the entities’ expressions… a sadistic mix of agony and ecstasy that will never end. It’s almost like Giger went to hell, came back and painted what he saw. Maybe he did.


As long as we are not talking about Alan Moore’s Neonomicon I’m all good.

I’ve never experienced a comic quite like that one bef…mglw’nafh Cthulu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fht…hello.


Originally published at:


Um… Mr Doctrow, one of your compatriots just posted this… um, yesterday, maybe.


We got it. Thanks.


You…you don’t see that?


Well, finally! Now maybe this work will be taken seriously!!


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