The biomechanical horror of Alien and H.R. Giger


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The GIF preview is a nice touch, at least.


The full HR Giger doc, “Dark Star”, is fairly entertaining. It’s on Netflix streaming.


I had the luck of meeting Giger at the opening of an exposition on his work in movies in the German Film Museum Frankfurt back in 2009. He was such a charming nice elderly gentlemen and he had the drollest swiss-german dialect. Hard to believe that the amazing horrors in the exposition came all from his mind.


Same phenomenon as Stephen King, I think. All that vile stuff about human nature and psychology that comes out in his books is way more disturbing than the various evil entities that provoke things. Yet, he’s a pretty level-headed, pleasant guy in person. Must be that he gets it all out of his system …but it stews around in the rest of us.


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