Alien's iconic facehugger design and the cute little sketch that started it all

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Is there some reason for the random, unrelated shutterstock pic instead of the image the post is actually about?


Production design saved that movie in so many ways. The first concept art for Ripley blowing the xenomorph out the lifeboat’s airlock looked like someone kicking a crab out of their minivan.



Ah, that reminds me, it’s been ages since I played Laserburn.

Can confirm

Alien starts to climb to the front seat.

Protective covering over a big red button flips up.

Close up on Leeloo: “Bye-bye, badda-boom.”

Button pressed.

Exterior Space Cab: Hatch opens as alien is sucked into space.

The Fifth Element Film GIF


It’s an annoyingly consistent habit BoingBoing has gotten into. Any post about a cute dog or cat will have a stock photo of some other dog or cat. Any post telling us to just look at a banana will have a photo of some other, unrelated banana.

i can only guess, but i’ve assumed it’s a way to encourage people to go visit other sites where the creator can get the views and traffic.

Sorry to interrupt your
Recreation, fellows.

But it is time for Sergeant Pinback
to feed the alien.

Oh… I don’t want to do that.

May I remind you, Sergeant Pinback,
that it was your idea
in the first place
to bring the alien on board.

If I may quote you, you said,
“The ship needed a mascot.”

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My two favorite comments:


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