The re-opening of America's public domain is good news for artists, less so for the corporations that exploit them


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Just to mention, @doctorow, I saw your “thanks to…” in the Ralph Breaks the Internet credits. Some of us read the credits…


The most prolific remix in all of history:

And my personal favorite:

EDIT: O holy hell, the list is even longer.


The 1976 copyright act allowed a term of life plus 50 years, or 75 years for work for hire. So very little from the 1980s would now be public domain.


You’re right.

So amend the above argument to “if we still had the IP laws as they were pre-1978 (when the 1976 Act took effect)”.


And even then only if someone forgot to renew.


I always thought Spider Robinson’s story Melancholy Elephants
made an interesting point about copyright length.

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