The Real-Life Sherlock Holmes



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Bit of trivia: the phrase, “yo, Holmes, smell you later” never actually occurs in any of the original books.


A friend of mine who was a big Holmes fan would talk about the detective as though he were a real person. He considered Holmes’s greatest virtue to be an unwillingness to remember any fact that he didn’t think would be useful. (I was arguing that there’s no such thing as “useless knowledge”.) As an example my friend cited an incident when someone told Holmes the Earth was round. Holmes replied that he would do his best to forget that fact, because it would never help him solve a case.

I wonder if Bell felt the same way.

I didn’t find a single word for it, but apparently the term for a person who is drawn to follow eclipses is “eclipse chaser”.

Surprised there’s no mention of the television series “Murder Rooms”, which posits Bell and and a young Conan-Doyle as an early-Victorian crime-solving team, and which starred the great Ian Richardson as Bell.

Did Joseph Bell also enjoy injecting cocaine like the original Sherlock Holmes?

Who doesn’t?

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