The real reason you are motivated to work


Too long. Didn’t read.

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I love these podcasts, they go deep, which is great. Also, more than once I’ve gone to sleep at the end of the day to the sound of the host chewing on a cookie.


It might be a browser / cache anomaly, but I’m seeing the embedded player for episode 36 (Dunning-Kruger) on the page.

Episode 37 is available on the soundcloud site.

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The guy that put lemon juice on his face was probably thinking of invisible ink. You draw on paper with lemon or lime juice, and once you heat it up, it shows. Grabbing a slightly off-tone, highly absorbent paper works best.

I don’t bother with “making a living”, I think it’s a scam. If the work I do on my own is any good, something comes back and I don’t worry about it.

I like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s take.


I owe. I owe. So it’s off to work I go.


Sadly my entire social life is at work right now. I literally have one friend who I didn’t meet through work. If I’m sick it is made so much worse by not being at work with my friends.

Also I need money to buy weed.


This exactly. We work because we need income to sustain ourselves and our families.

A more interesting question may be “why did you choose your particular line of work?”

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I’m seeing that too.


The link on the front BB page is correct. At least the label is correct.


Most people who think this have probably never tried being homeless. There’s arguably a lot more security in survivalism than there is in groveling for money.


I dunno, living in a house seems to be pretty nice to me. I don’t have to worry about possibly freezing to death in my house. Or getting a gnarly infection from some animal that bites me outside. I also don’t have to deal with the prospect of being arrested for being in the wrong place when I’m sleeping in my house.

I know you’ll argue about how our whole system of currency and placing value on working for a corporation is invalid, and it’s true from your position. I’m just too soft and lazy to see any attraction to living outdoors with the climate my area has most of the year. It’s nice being dry and fed and warm most of the time. If I had to live outdoors, I’d be able to dry out maybe 3 months of the year. The rest of the year, I literally would be in a constant state of being some kind of ■■■■■ and cold. Being homeless would be a much better prospect climate-wise in, for instance LA or Austin.

To clarify, while I have pretty much thought “I like my job only marginally more than being homeless”, I nearly always am able to immediately remember that I should be hanged for how truly easy it is. I get to do whatever I want (within reason) eight hours a night as long as I’m within earshot of my PC waiting for phonecalls. For about five or six of those hours, I can pretty reliably predict that no more than two people will call. When they call, all I have to do is decide whether what they want is something my department is allowed to handle. If not, I just write a short note in my ticket manager and send it to the right place. If so, then I usually spend only need to spend about five or ten minutes solving the problem. Really, the worst part of my job is that I have to drive 35 miles on the country’s 4th worst freeways to get there. But by the time my shift ends, the streets are empty.

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That’s what the freight trains are for. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not motivated to work; didn’t read.

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I am defining work as constructive labour for this comment.

I was technically homeless for six months in 2004-5. I wasn’t living on the streets but it’s not something I want to experience again.

Unless you have certain medical conditions. For me Survivalism = Death, and that isn’t because I don’t know how to live off the land. I hate the fact that I am on disability benefits which I am on because I can’t work for long periods at a fixed time, but I view this as a problem with capitalism. It is not economically viable for me to be able to keep a job, however much I want to work (disability benefits get boring after a while.)

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