The Resistance, 1941 style: the poster for Mister V

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Not to mention the Pynchon novel.

So where does everyone weigh in on their favorite in the debate over V v. V v. V v. V?


…then I went asking the interwebz, wondering why I knew “The Scarlet Pimpernel” without ever hearing about the film, the play, or the actor.

Well. I found out.


I bet he has little Vs clipped in his fingernails.

What weird grammar!

Twice the dramatic punch of picture you’ll play this year!!



He’s really signaling four times the dramatic punch now isn’t he?


Another good one is Leslie Howard’s “The 49th Parallel” - shot almost entirely on location throughout Canada - where a German U-Boat gets stranded in the St. Lawrence river and the crew (with their total dick of a Captain) try to elude the authorities. What they didn’t count on was how good Canadians are at punching Nazi’s in the face.


Substantially better.
Howard was a good actor, but not such a great director.

That must be why the fourth sequel got so much more critical acclaim than Mister I-IV.

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Niall MacGinnis is in this! Nice! I’ve never seen this.

With an assist from the Americans and their manifest destiny.

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More like bureaucrats and petty paperwork.

freakin’ customs manifest…

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