The rise and fall of cellphone company HTC

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I still have the original 2013 HTC One as my phone. It’s nice except for the fact that shortly after I got it, the camera started taking pictures with a purple tint. I thought at first it was just a software problem that would be fixed, but no, it turns out that’s a known hardware problem (the camera’s sensor can get overheated and be permanently damaged). I have never heard of this happening with any other phone.


If you are the speculative type, this might be a great time to pick up some HTC stock. Heck, even if they sell, the stock will likely go up just before the sale.


I’ve been a very longterm HTC user, right back from their very early windows-mobile series

I used HTC handsets exclusively right up until the HTC One era, that was what turned me away from them (no removable battery = no sale, no SD slot is a big negative too) Where i then switched to Samsung phones.

Interestingly, Samsung seems to be doing the exact same thing HTC did so i’ll likely be switching again for my next phone…


The One M9 is a beautiful phone. If I wasn’t so cheap, I’d consider picking one up. But I’m quite happy with my sub-$200 Chinese off-brand phones (currently rocking an Elephone P7000), which I think is part of the problem that HTC is facing.

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GodDAMNit. This means Half-Life 3 is going to take longer, doesn’t it?

shame. they made some great hardware at a reasonable price.

Great. Thanks for explaining why my HTC One takes pictures with a purple tint. That sucks.

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Can it be worked around by adjusting the RGB curves? If so, why did not HTC solve it in firmware, as a toggleable correction, yet?

I noticed it about 2 months ago, admittedly its an older phone, but no, I’ve tried to correct it and its a no go. It is more like a purple tint covering the whole image than a purple colour shift, it dramatically impacts contrast and colour depth.

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