Google buys $1.1bn piece of HTC


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Alternative Betteridge headline: “Will Google buying HTC go better than Google buying Motorola?”

I’m not sure it went poorly. They still have most of Motorola’s patent portfolio, and I have one of the phones they made, which I really like. What I’ve read is that they had to unload the phone manufacturing part to placate the other Android OEMs who didn’t want to compete against their software supplier.

That would explain why in this case they simply bought “part” of HTC.

I also had HTC’s Nexus One, which was a fantastic phone at the time. In between I had the Galaxy Nexus, which was fine initially, but aged poorly.


Poorly in the sense that it gutted a once successful company and sold off the scraps. Sure, things ended well for Google, but not so good for Motorola–and their many employees.


Google buys $1.1bn piece of HTC

Worth every penny.


Yeah, seems like moto is kinda a bust from teh consumer end. I have a motoXpure that I really like and it was nice and cheap. If nothing else I hope that google can keep putting out 2nd tier $200 phones, this $1k phone race is ludicrous. I can see why companies do it for the prestige and because people are buying them, I just hope that someone still pushes something nice in the 2nd/3rd tier of the market.

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