The Robin Van Persie World Cup goal score as a flipbook animation


Weren’t you just waiving your weird flag and hating on the World Cup?


The goal is much more impressive from a side view and a little further back, so I’m surprised that they didn’t illustrate it from that perspective, but it’s still pretty cool what they did!

Don’t confuse hatred with indifference. There are a legion of reasons why Americans care little about soccer in general. We just don’t like others trying ram it down our collective throat every 4 years. Just accept that we don’t care for badly officiated sports, played by athletes who seem more interested in taking a dive than scoring, that’s run by a corrupt and ineffectual organization, where the clock runs the wrong way (not that that really matters, since the officials just add on extra time, with no explanation as to how they came up with it).

And please don’t complain about the use of the word “soccer”. It was the Brits word for the sport, until a few decades ago. Blame them.

This is fantastic! Everything except for the high five, that is, which did not connect on the field.

Or at least you don’t care for any more of them.

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What I love best about this post is the “we”. I’ll be damned if I can remember voting for Mr. Carnage to speak on my - and apparently the other 300 million citizens of the US - behalf on the internet about soccer/football.

Could anyone comment on the recall/impeachment/call-for-resignation process in this situation? Or is this one of those unelected positions - you vote for the party and they put forward the guy/gal they like? Or maybe it’s like a Supreme Court justice that’s there for life?

BTW, if this wasn’t a lifetime appointment, could someone also let me know that cause I’d kinda like to run for this or otherwise be put into this particular office; I’m excellent at talking complete crap on the internet as can be evidenced by this and other posts.

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