The secretive wealthy family behind the opioid epidemic are using the same tactics to kill public education


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Free compulsory education is an incredible public good. Privatization and fragmentation are not steps towards a better public system. Parents always had the choice to send their children to private institutions or public schools in different districts.
IMO the push for charter schools is an effort to undermine teacher’s unions.


The libertarian war on the state continues. The only thing they hate more than public schools is Social Security. Or maybe Medicare. And Medicaid, my God how they hate Medicaid!

So many targets, so little time.


I think it’s also part of a longer game to shape a generation’s political views. How best to ensure you get reliable voters (and potentially paramilitary recruits if that time comes) than to educate them from Kindergarten onward? Just seems like a win-win if you’re a Christian Dominionist or some weird Randite that thinks the Commies are coming to steal your toothbrush.


Is there any way to not give these assholes any more of my money? Same thing with the Kochs and a few others meddling like this for their own good with shadowy money?


Good point. These folks probably reject public services and secularism up front.


There exist strong racial biases in the medical community to the extent that doctors will not prescribe as many painkillers to people of color (because there’s a misconception that they feel less pain or they’re perceived to be engaging in drug seeking behavior etc.) so consequently the opioid epidemic affects mostly rural white people.

Unfortunately the heavily monied attack on teachers’ unions will affect all children.


By fronting advocacy organizations, media organizations, lobbyists, and astroturf operations, the super-rich are able to turn their self-serving ideological projects into reality the rest of the world.

all while avoiding the estate tax and getting tax breaks all at the very same time!


The Sackler Family



The effect of of the more secretive billionaires on society deserves reporting on an ongoing basis.


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