The simplest online note-taking website

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This does not sound better than Google Keep, which changed my life last year when I discovered it.


oh, i like your mod, i really do, but it’s so blank i found myself wanting a point of reference, a minimum signpost saying “start here” - eh? walla…

data:text/html, <html contenteditable style='padding:10%;'>>

The URL or website name seems like the worst possible decision, but i guess if the person running it wants it to be totally forgettable then i’ll call it a success.


In my last year before retirement, if that’s still a thing when my Reid Richard temple-patches are complete, I’m going to present every piece of work with this quote. I kinda want to tattoo it one my body somewhere…


Well I could click Notepad in my task bar, or I could count all those j’s…


I would also prefer to use Notepad, and i do fairly often.

Cool! I actually thought you had an extra trailing greater than sign until I pasted to see if it would still work :rofl:

When you hit ctrl+S it prompts you for a name, no? It does on mine anyway.

i, minimalist

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It’s awesome that that tiny amount of instruction unlocks a notes store better then notepad (only inasmuch as you can paste and store non-text objects). Yes, not the most convenient or robust system, but a neat trick regardless.

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If that’s the bar…

The downside of notepad vs Keep or even Sticky Notes is if it isn’t saved you might lose it. Plus Keep syncs between the PC app and Android phone, and is designed for checklists (JOY!).

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I use TiddlyWiki for keeping notes. It’s a whole wiki that lives in an HTML file. Unfortunately, browser changes are making difficult for local HTML to save changes. There are workarounds. The simplest for me was to toss a TiddlyServer on one of my Pis.

Absolutely! I would argue that both sentences in my original comment apply just as well to the stone tablet as they did to the html construct.

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Wax tablets. No hammer needed. Deletable / re-usable.
Just don’t take it with you in the sauna.


Keep, eh? I’ve been using Google Docs for a while now, but it does tend to get a bit clumsy and slow. Is there some way to make the editing window occupy more of the screen from the desktop interface?

Back in the day I used Helipad, which seems to be kaput now. Once my notepad got long enough, it had an appalling habit of losing data, and I have been rather paranoid about such things ever since.

In Chrome 66 on Windows, dragging an image into the window just opens that image (navigating away from jjjjjj and losing any changes.) Curious to know whether the behavior is different in Safari on OSX?

Saving the edited content on Firefox didn’t work until I read in TFA on Hacker News that you have to save as “Webpage - Complete”.

Rob @Beschizza, your version works a little better in this regard since it doesn’t create that additional “new-note_files” folder to store the CSS and JS that the original one does. Haven’t tried in Chrome yet.

Side benefit: this is a quick way to create a base64 version of an image.

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