A website that only works offline


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A website that only works offline

In the ole days of yore they called that pencil & paper.


I think you mean typewriter.


I use TiddlyWiki, a website that doesn’t need a server.


The world needs websites that won’t work until you go outside and exercise to have fun, throw a Frisbee and get a tan.


Ahh the good old dial up days, check emails a couple of message boards. Log off, go outside.


Thanks for linking to that, it looks interesting. Would you mind, if you get a chance, giving an example of what it can do, how it suits your application, etc…? I’m intrigued but not quite sure I understand its purpose fully. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Web 3.0 has gone to far.


It’s a note framework inside an HTML file. I use it like a notebook, with the advantage that it’s searchable, and you can add tags, internal wikilinks and external links.

Any time I see something interesting, I create a tiddler note, drop a link on it, perhaps add more later. The same thing when I get hit by an idea particle. It’s great for how-to notes on those procedures that you only do once in a while.

I’ve also used it to create self-contained wikis. It’s easy to build one from a database. It has subversive advantages: You can toss it up on disposable hosting, put on it a USB drive and slip it to someone. It does support encryption, but I haven’t tried that.

Sometimes it needs a browser plug-in or an app to handle opening/saving local files.


I really do not remember those days. A 2nd line meant you didn’t have to disconnect.

Hell, back in the 90s my household had a server that just fed the house with internet and we kept the modems.


There’s an app for that, but you gotta catch em all!


Thank you very much - definitely going to play with this. Appreciate the detailed reply.


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