A website that shuts down for the night

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  1. the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

So which time zones miss out?


It knows no fear. It can’t be reasoned with. It never sleeps… Oh, wait, it does sleep.


From their website:

How does night night work?

night night allows your website to run normally throughout the day. Then, looking at the time on your website visitors computer, it will put the website to sleep at bedtime. The sleep page will also let users continue on to the site if they have something they just can’t wait for. Because night night takes into account the individuals user time, the site will work anywhere in the world and in any time zone.


Thanks. It’s late here - I really should be asleep.


Can we put the BoingBoingStore to sleep?


They should use this code to put the BB Store to sleep from 6am to 2am. It should only be open from 2am to 6am just like those trashy TV shopping channels that only exist because there’s nothing else the channel owner can afford to broadcast at those hours.


So how does it know when I am on a night shift?


The online Dutch Reformatorian Daily newspaper (Reformatorisch Dagblad) shuts down every Sunday. Because, on the Day of the Lord, you aren’t supposed to be on the internet.


So does it shut down for the full 48 hours?

i like this idea, i really do. wouldn’t it be refreshing if we could return to some pre-internet time when we had no choice but to tune out because the tv was off the air, or the radio switched format for late night, etc.? maybe things were boring, but in retrospect there is something to be missed about that boredom.

but… the internet’s being “always on” is part of what contributes to its miraculous democratization and accessibility. i can apply for a job after hours, i can read the news at midnight, i can initiate a money transfer on a bank holiday, or i can research that overdue paper in the wee hours of the morning. i can’t imagine how disruptive it would be to go back. like i used to have to hitchhike to the next town to use a payphone, yeah that’s a fun story to tell young people, but i don’t exactly miss that.

anyway in summary it would be kind of neat if the doomscrolling time-sucking websites had an off air period but then who gets to say when that would be appropriate given the global scale of the internet and the vast variety of individual schedules.

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Does it play the national anthem before shutting down?


No, it probably redirects you to a special page, depending on your location (The Continental Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belgium, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, Saba, Black Sam’s Spit, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Suriname).


once upon a time some guy had this website… title…

searching for solice…

I thought then it’s is something…

For a bit of pre-Internet refreshment, try to buy something from B&H Photo/Video after sunset on Friday night. Definitely not “always on”.


This is really a rather middle-class solution to a middle-class problem that doesn’t really exist.

Sounds great if you don’t have to access the page outside of the hours that other people are up and about. You know - if you’re doing night shifts, or working multiple jobs. Great, that is, if you buy into the screen-time panic.


Low-Tech Magazine has a website that (sometimes) shuts down at night because their server is solar-powered. It also shuts down sometimes in bad weather. But it’s kind of the point (vide the name and topic of the magazine).

(They also have a “normal” website; the solar site is a proof-of-concept.)


This seems selfish and conceited, or is it healthy and wholesome? You decide.

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