The portable DougWiki, or why I love TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki “a non-linear personal web notebook” has been useful part of my toolbox for many years now, from the classic TiddlyWiki to the current TiddlyWiki5. I find it’s great for organizing interconnected notes, and well as building self-contained wikis from databases.

Over time, increased browser security has made it harder to just open/edit/save, but there are a number of work-arounds for that. For me, it was easiest to install TiddlyServer on a Raspberry Pi to hold my wikis.

My latest project was a WiFi hotspot, covering the Ontario provincial legislature “Queen’s Park” building with a directional antenna and a DougWiki as the main page. From the logs, it was a miserable failure. Modern phones loudly warn users if a hotspot has no Internet access. (Incidentally, this rats out which hotspots you do connect to.) I would have liked more time to defeat that, and other fixes, but Thursday was the last day before the legislature went on break until after the Federal election.

Ah well… Here’s the downloadable DougWiki, if anyone is interested.

(It’s heavy on Alt-Right and the right-wing money behind them because it’s hard to separate that shit from today’s Canadian conservatives.)

eta: Plays fine with mobile screens, but don’t touch the back button.


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