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I find this amusing as fuckall. Is he continuing to update, or did he get bored with it (no date stamps on anything, boo!)
BTW, Extensible Ears DO NOT work as range extenders on your WiFi. Don’t ask.


I’m so angry I didn’t think of this…

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The wizarding internet needs to run on .onion for the safety of Witches and Wizards everywhere :slight_smile: I love the series, but I’m just trying to figure out how they are getting bandwidth without giving away the location of school.

I think the fiber is laid along the railway.

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They have an ISP in the basement of the Leaky Cauldron.

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It’s on tumblr. If you click the story and go to that entry’s page, it has a datestamp on the bottom of the post.


And go here:

So you do get a date stamp if you click through on each post in the tumblog.

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