The Simpsons vs. Miami Vice and 1980s glitzy TV

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Sure it’s way better than the rest of the episode.

I can bet on it.


The Simpsons just keeps eating its own tail:


pretty sure 80s tv looked like this


Sure, it’s supposed to be a joke, but groundskeeper Willie has always had a body like that.

the sad thing is, miami vice was still on the air when the simpsons first started. it’s been on the air so long that the nostalgia feels for miami vice have already come and gone (and might be coming again), plus we’ve already had the obligatory tv-to-big screen remake…

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Maybe the Simpsons people were inspired by all the awesome 80s videos posted here…

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I thought she said “DwoingDwoing”?

The whole episode should be like that!

Tracey Ullman’s shorts. I remember them as a callow ant. :wink:

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