Sharing Things, Sesame Street's homage to Stranger Things


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poor barb.


Loved the twist when the sheriff snuck into the coroner’s office and found out the dead muppet’s “body” was filled with cotton stuffing.


Is this Peak Nostalgia?


How is it that the Sesame Street twitter account doesn’t know how to use “its / it’s” properly?

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Okay, the Eleven character actually made me laugh.


Sesame Street has been doing homages to popular contemporary TV shows for decades. Remember “Miami Mice” in the 80s?


Sesame Street began as a parody of TV–that’s why we get “brought to you by the letter A and the number 3” at the end of each episode.

Still, this feels more parent/fan service than actually educational. It feels like the Muppet Show doing a parody of Sesame Street doing a take on Stranger Things.


This. It’s one of the few tv shows we let our toddler watch, and it’s rife with parody. In fact, I’m now at a point where I’ve realized how out of touch my wife and I are because between us, we still don’t get all the parodies.


Sesame Street was always designed to be a show parents watch with their children, so they do tend to throw out a lot of parent/fan service with references that are bound to go over kids’ heads. I certainly wasn’t allowed to watch Miami Vice when I was six.

As an aside, I have a buddy from grade school who now writes songs for that show on occasion. He did a Cookie Monster “Les Míserables” parody a little while back (again, not exactly a pop culture reference that usually resonates with the pre-K set).


Oh wow. I’ve seen that sketch about 30 times now. I still laugh pretty heartily at it.


And Monsterpiece Theatre with Alistair Cookie.


In the 80s, Miami Vice wasn’t nostalgic, it was contemporary. Stranger Things hits Gen X right in the nostalgia feelies. I watch it with my son and explain to him things like pre-internet reference materials, riding a bicycle without a helmet, and eighth grade without three hours of homework every night. Putting Sesame Street on top of that seems like it amplifies the nostalgia. I’ll watch it with him this evening and explain that it’s a show kids watched on TV, before they had let’s plays on youtube.


Their other recent parodies have been excellent winks to parents that also work as weird/funny sketches for kids:
Game of Chairs
Orange is the New Snack
House of Bricks


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