Game of Chairs: Sesame Street 'Game of Thrones' parody video


This episode brought to you by the color red.



Spoiler Alert!

Now I don’t need to finish GRRM’s series.


Uh… how is a Game of Thrones tie in on Sesame Street in any way age appropriate?

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How is it not age appropriate? It’s Grover messing up a game of musical chairs.


Easy. Same way that Birdwalk Empire, House of Bricks, Homelamb and Sons of Poetry were.


And True Mud.


So, it’s an inside joke for the parents that have to sit through the shows with their kids?

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Not seen that one yet. :smile:

Probably got a hefty dose of that in it, yeah. Along with marketing, riding the wave of popularity of GoT, reflecting pop culture within the Sesame Street world, all things they’ve got a long track-record of.
But TBH, I can’t really see where you’re coming from on this. It’d really help me if you explained why you find things like that age-inappropriate.

I mean, when it comes down to it, your kids, your choice. You’ll find plenty of folks here willing to stand up for your right to choose what your kids watch, even down to censoring books to remove even the remotest traces of naughtiness (see discussions passim.) . Hell, there’s even been posts about edited versions of GoT suitable for kids here.

I just can’t see where the problem is with this or any other parodies they’ve done.

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Bingo. And a welcome one at that!

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You don’t watch much kids TV do you? Even 15-20 yrs ago Animaniacs, Histeria!, and Pinky and the Brain were filled with jokes only parents would get. Go back farther, and even Foghorn Leghorn had some zingers.


No problem with the parody… just with the assumption that viewers of Sesame Street would be able to recognize the parody. If the viewers are just small children, that then assumes those kids are watching a rather violent show with fairly depraved characters, which I think needs more maturity than a 6 year old can muster… If the viewers are also adults, well, then, it all makes a lot more sense.

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Yeah, I’ve heard that cartoons of yore are fairly well sprinkled with adult jokes. I haven’t gone back to see what I missed, but I don’t doubt they’re there. I withdraw my concerns about Sesame Street GoC.

I’ll take a short break from my apparent amazement at your lack of insight to confess that my first reaction upon seeing one of these parodies was much the same as yours. Then I did the maths and just grinned from ear to ear.

They are very cheeky, that’s for sure.

It strikes me that even though Sesame Street knows how to keep the young ones entertained and educated (edutained, sure… god knows the show taught me to read before my 4th birthday in the early 70s), they might be hoping to encourage parents to watch the show alongside their kids, rather than just plopping the tykes down in front of the tube alone. And bits like this would help to draw in the older audience with a sly wink that sails over the head of most preschoolers.

Bingo. Kids watch parents for queues on how to interact with media. When I guffaw at something, my kids do too. If I start counting out with The Count, the kids join in.

Killing off Elmo would be a good start.

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