The story behind 'Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)'


Well it is a classic 70’s song. The “best song ever written” part though is up for grabs.


I remember listening to this song on the radio, and buying a greatest hits cassette from Radio Shack that had it as well. And then Looking Glass covered their own song, changing the title to Jimmy Loves Maryanne. /s


I remember hearing Brandy come in number 2 or 3 a few weeks in a row on Casey Kasem’s Top 40 countdown.


There are only two possible choices.


I like that song. Liked it way before GotG made it cool again.


Well it is a nice song, but it’s not a Louie Louie.


I don’t know why people get so incensed at the “one of the best songs ever written” line being thrown out there. Brandy is a song that has endured, maybe not with the young’uns, but it has endured.

Ah well. Music is subjective. Brandy is a great song. Back when radio was magical.


I could think of a song that I hate more, but I’m lazy.


I seem to recall that years ago the late San Francisco columnist Herb Caen wrote a column in which he spent some time with a local woman who claimed to be the “real” Brandy that the song was based on. But instead of a bartender she had been a stripper.

Of course, that might have been her own delusion, but just wanted to get that into the record here.



The horror.


Not only is it now considered a classic AND one of the best songs ever written, it was written AND composed by Elliot Lurie!!


I thought that was the funniest part of the movie.



There actually is an audible “fuck” at about 55 seconds in. But it isn’t part of the lyrics; it’s the drummer fumbling his sticks.


You can pretty clearly hear John saying “fucking hell” in Hey Jude at 2:58 if you listen carefully. (I love trivia like this.)




Right before bedtime, thanks a bunch. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, I happen to think it’s one of the best songs ever written. Catchy melody, unique vocals, and great storytelling-lyrics. It’s stood the test of time which is at least one of the qualities a song needs to qualify for such a claim.


Sort of like “I could care less, but I couldn’t be bothered.”


This. The song WAS popular way back when. So was, ‘Billy, Don’t Be a Hero’, and ‘The Night Chicago Died’, and ‘Chirpy-Chirpy-Cheep-Cheep’, which I love because it was so weird. But all of them are crap. The early 70s was an…odd…time.