The strange and terrible tale of how Liberia became a tax haven for US companies

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Here’s an idea: any company that has a tax haven not located in the US gets zero dollars during any financial bail-out from tax dollars that you and I are paying for. That would be most banks, cruise and luxury industries, many agricultural companies, etc.


Pay your taxes, or don’t ask for mine.


It seems to me that the 401K and IRA retirement vehicles basically insure that all publicly-traded companies become too-big-to-fail during an economic crisis. Wouldn’t it be great to cut out the middle man and just give everyone a federally funded pension, instead of shelling out a few trillion dollars every decade to keep these companies afloat so the elderly can afford to live?


Even better

It doesn’t matter where they are avoiding taxes, what matters is that they are avoiding taxes.


Major message here is: we’re all slaves to corporate dollar.
Smash cut to: Modern day colonialism
I guess I should pick up Walter Rodney’s book after all.


I remember noticing in the 80s that every time there was a tanker spill or other ship-borne crisis the ship had Liberian registry.


This video is very long, and a Fully™ infomercial to boot.
It should be condensed to about 120 seconds.

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