The strange romantic allure of the Universal monsters

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Something I’ve never seen addressed (although it’s probably been brought up somewhere) is how the three Creature From The Black Lagoon films tell a single story of an ultimately doomed romance. In the first film you have the unmarried but linked David and Kay (she also wants a career, though, which unfortunately gets put aside).
Revenge Of The Creature brings together Clete and Helen and the Gill-Man becomes their “child” leading to an almost Oedipal climax.
Finally The Creature Walks Among Us opens with a relationship that’s already soured as William hates his wife Marcia’s independence, although in the end it’s the Gill-Man who’s the most sympathetic character and walks off alone.


But it took Guillermo del Toro to finally deliver that fish-man-on-woman action audiences so dearly craved.


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