The supermarket of lost luggage

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I want to fill a suitcase with bizarre items, take it on a flight, and then intentionally leave it behind. But looking at the picture I wonder who in the world loses their bagpipes.

Edit to add: The photo caption says, “More exotic items are kept on permanent display.”

Thanks UBC. Just taunt us with the cool stuff while we’re looking through someone else’s shoes.


Or you could just submit it to Cool Tools as your yuppie pack dump.


Meh. I went and it wasn’t that impressive. Most of the stuff is the same things that you would find at a thrift store, just at far higher prices. No bargains to be found and nothing particularly amazing or salacious. Maybe I was there on a bad day, but I didn’t feel that it was worth going out of the way for. TLDR: an overpriced thrift store that does good PR.


the missing point of all this, I feel, is? How the hell hard is it to not lose a passengers bags?

Better tagging systems?
Better inventory?

I mean? they can get the PEOPLE from A to B, why not their bags?

Even AFTER TSA had a chance to rifle them for goodies…



That big beautiful - is that an alpine horn? How do you put a seven foot horn in a suitcase?

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I don’t exactly understand what is it you’re doing with the images lately, but I sure appreciate the 19A0s alternate-life flashbacks. Rock on.


Twas a few cartridges that slipped through the wormhole.

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That also struck me as strange. Bagpipes are damned expensive, and you can’t just go down to the local music shop for a replacement set.

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“including a Hoggle doll used in the movie Labyrinth”

…Yeah, the total list of people that could possibly belong to is upwards of what 200? And I bet an internet search and five phone calls could find out exactly who it actually belongs to. But no, why bother, they are an airline, they don’t have to. How much you want to bet when it was lost they told the owner “No idea where it might be, its just gone.”


There are two kinds of luggage.
The cabin ones, and the lost ones.

The spouses of irredeemable bagpipists ‘lose’ them, I imagine.


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