The surprisingly mathematical formula for writing late-night jokes


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XKCD's security meltdowns for the coming year

February’s much too early for the Boing-Boing Spring Surprise.

  1. Hire white, male host
  2. ???
  3. Profit (?)


Establishment liberals, the opposite of progressive.

(For claity’s sake, referring to studio execs, not the talent.)


Personally, I can’t find anything to be “surprisingly mathematical.” I’m reserving my surprise for when someone discovers some phenomenon that has nothing to do with math!


This piece is based entirely on a single exercise from Gene Peret’s book about how to write jokes.


I think I’ve been catching on to this for a while. I’ve listened to hundreds of late night monologues, to the point where they started feeling like boilerplate. I’ll still put the stuff on TV while I’m rowing or spinning, but half an ear is sufficient.


Ah, designed with algorithms! Sounds so much cooler than formulaic.



??? - make one half-decent gag at the start of the show, make a reference to it every five minutes thereafter


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