Mocking the formula of late night talk shows


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Was this supposed to make me want to kill myself?


Didnt Garry Shandling do this so well it didnt need to be done again?





Whatever happened to that lovely Obama family? They used to be all over the news, and now I hear nothing about them. :frowning:


Um… Arsenio Hall?


Last time I watched any late night show, Letterman had people dressed in Velcro and they jumped onto walls.

Gone are the days when Don Rickles would walk out to be greeted by Johnny & Ed , sit down and tell some off-coloured jokes. That shit was funny.


Gone are the days when Ricky Gervais would walk out to be greeted by Jon Stewart, sit down and tell some bestiality jokes. That shit was funny.

These days all we have is John Oliver and a furry pointing fingers at some gross inequality. That shit is funny and sad.


I hope you’re joking since, yeah, he’s an exception (a long, long ago exception) that only proves the rule – it’s white guys or no one for formulaic late night talk on corporate tv. Arsenio apparently did have a recent resurgence, according to your link, but its very brevity again seems to support the video’s point about raced and gendered homogeneity.


The formula checks out

white guy, check
useless side kick, check
insipid drivel chat, check


Whoopie, Sammy Davis Jr, Richard Pryor, Arsenio Hall, Trevor Noah. Maybe there are more late night PoC hosting tv shows. 5 I can name over past 6 decades. Not an impressive representation.


5 what? Oh, black people. (And one woman, uh huh…)


I only follow them on YT, and so far i am into Oliver, Noah and Colbert.
Having my big share of non-white hosts i consider the video moot.


I am not joking, and I do appreciate the analysis, but the word they used in the title was “ever”. Just being pedantic. :wink:


Thought I covered that point.


When did Pryor have a talk show?

  1. All four episodes!