The surveillance economy has 67 days to disarm before Trump is sworn in

You should question that assumption. Phone providers have been monitoring phone habits (and data habits) of their customers for over a decade in order to find ways to monetize them.

That’s why I said “base business model.” And try two decades: I did consulting work for an NYC-area cable company in the late 1990s that was already doing their own monitoring in a crude way with plans to turn it into a secondary revenue stream.

They won’t. They can and still will make money from their pervasive spying with Trump in office, even if they have to share the data.

Also I know this is mostly about the corporate side, but it’s quite amusing to see how now so many Democrats are thinking a pervasive surveillance state is suddenly a bad idea. You fucking hypocrites. I don’t mean anyone at BoingBoing, you guys have been warning of this for over a decade.


Really. What kind of person thinks Facebook and Google/Alphabet care to do the right thing? Please. Two companies whose profits rest on sucking up as much data as possible.

There are dark times coming; engaging in fantasy or denial goes makes the problem worse.

It’s early morning here, but this piece is the stupidest thing I’ve read so far, and it’s a high bar of naiveté – don’t think it’s getting topped today.


Several of the posters here might want to re-read the part of this sentence where it says “the resistance set fire…”. And the part where Ceglowski addressed, not Google and Facebook, but people who work at Google and Facebook.


Hmn…I just can’t -for the life of me- picture Marc Zuckerberg picking up this call to arms -like at all.
I can picture him brushing it off with a brief dismissive comment that reeks of doublespeak, though.
Mark Zuckerberg can go suck a goat.

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Because Hillary would never, never, never ever use surveillance data against law-abiding American citizens. You could trust her on that.

Their board members and shareholders don’t.

True, true. Part of the reason is what Cory points out every so often–they don’t have to pay “protection money” in the form of social works anymore when guard labor is so much cheaper.

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