VPN company shuts down after Lavabit case demonstrates threat of state-ordered, secret self-sabotage


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I don’t know whether to cheer for this company’s ethical choice, or to weep for my country’s descent to a totalitarian state.


Came to say this. The next step is for those technologies that are truly secure to be outlawed. I vaguely recall an attempt, long ago, to outlaw large-prime keys.


It’s time to kill NSLs along with the secrecy and conscription that goes with it.

The economic losses because of this spying on Americans and the world will be astronomical. I can image a world where tech doesn’t happen in America.


You could say that they were spooked.


I can imagine a world that’s followed America down the gurgler.


As we know, capitalism wins. No US email/messaging system can be trusted. Which means the next one which breaks through will make a big feature of freedom, and therefore emphasising why the American government can’t touch it. The US government is profoundly anti-capitalist and totally pro-feudalism. Only those born to wealth count.


On the contrary, they’re very very pro-capitalist. De-facto feudalism’s just the natural consequence of capitalism allowed to run rampant (see: the last time america really tried that, late 1800s-early-1900s).


Welcome to laissez-faire lockdown.


Don’t be so sure. We are an innovative species. Innovation will happen in the US or it will happen elsewhere, but it will continue. A few bumps maybe, but the NSA is doing everything in its power to ensure the US dominance in innovation and technology is going to vanish quickly.


When secure systems are outlawed, only outlaws will be secure.


As far as I can see, pretty much every developed nation is emulating the craptacularly short-sighted fat cat cronyism the US has so blatantly embraced; just look at the IP scenario worldwide…

Citizenship is a dying notion everywhere.


Simply close the business in the US and open up a new business in another country where they don’t have this laws.
That must be the easiest solution to the problem.

I wonder if this is Cryptoseal’s way of saying they’ve been directed to compromise their encryption system without actually violating the “do not speak of this” order.

Isn’t it ridiculous that such a thing even exists? How the hell can this be constitutional? I certainly do not think Adams, Jefferson, and their pals would A-OK with this, and I know for a fact that I’m not. And I am SO SO much better looking than both of those guys.

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