Lavabit competitor Silent Circle shuts down its secure email service, destroys servers



If Silent Circle shuts down its secure email service and destroys serves in the woods does the NSA hear it?

I think I’m living in the Matrix.

This might get pulled…

Silent Circle on the way to shutting down and destroying their servers.

Chilling effect, indeed.

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Everything will be encrypted and no one will know what is going on.

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I hated that scene in the theater, and still do. Those aren’t Mr Smiths he’s blowing away; they’re real human rent-a-cops, probably somebody’s dad. Fridge logic, huh.


They’re simulated rent a cops.


I think that this sounds a fairly strong signal, where Phil Zimmerman was involved, and it basically signals the end of security, as a product, on earth.

One of the problems with spying is that unlike maintaining security, spying takes security from some in order to deliver the illusion of security to others. Spying and security are not related, they are enemies.

Spying is war, and security is the process of protecting against spying and war.


It’s just a movie describing a fictitious universe. I guess the storm troopers from Star Wars were just doing their job too.

Hyper sensitive.


Everyday this just gets worse and worse. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before we find out the corporations and local police have access to our personal data and phone calls.


Call your representatives before we lose everything.


Scratches head

So they are shutting down their service preemptively because they may be served with an NSL some day? That seems rather odd.

I notice Silent Circle has several other products including phone, text and video chat services and they have not shut those down. Could this just be PR?

I thought stormtroopers were all clones.

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…I don’t see how this is actually the right choice for their users. It seems to me that not giving warning despite the lack of pressure leaves a bunch of loyal, paying customers out in the cold with no email access for no good reason. Lavabit had to shut down quickly before they were forced to comply, but these guys could’ve taken the time to do it right.

Yeah, I wondered that. I think everyone in the industry has acknowledged that communication without end to end encryption is done. Engineers and coders who work with SSL/TLS threw up there hand last week. SSL/TLS doesn’t work well if your don’t trust a third party to verify the cert and absolutely doesn’t work if don’t trust the party your are communication with to keep their secret key private. At the heart of it is a complete lack of trust. The bonds of society have been greatly wounded and only big, substantial, transparent, verifiable corrections is going to repair the damage. Certain people need to lose their jobs and go to jail. Entire agencies will have to be abolished or greatly reorganized.


Pulling the Nurmberg Defence, eh…

I wonder if they didn’t get some kind of “sooper sekret” legal instrument, but aren’t allowed to tell anyone about it, and this is the only way to respond. Otherwise, the timeframe of the shutdown just doesn’t make sense to me.

I absolutely agree with you but what you have to understand is; they’re in the way.

They always had a choice, on some subconscious level, to lift them selves out of the prison they are in. I guess that begrudging a little comfort in the belly of the beast whilst you work hard to stop and kill the freedom fighters who might release every human mind from eternal torment; whilst your very efforts to stay alive make you complicit in the generation of your own fascist nightmare, might still be considered shame-worthy.

But in the context of the film?

I don’t really see them as real people certainly not fathers or family men. In the context of the film they are in the matrix which is a simulation with in a very different reality where they are all living in little pods floating in a viscous fluid and on a sort of life support system. Remember; Don’t try to bend the spoon. Instead realize that there is no spoon. No Spoon == No security officers.