The tax prep companies share your data with Google and Facebook

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Maybe now we can move to pre-filled in tax forms sent to people for editing/verification? The US tax-prep industry is a failure of government.


And [adjusting tinfoil hat to a rakish angle] you just know that the “tax prep companies” are perennial lobbyists against making any aspect of tax filing simpler (or even trivially auto-filled online). Some support for that sad conviction: msnbc, billmoyers, LA times …usw. (Hate dealing with your taxes? blame turbotax -sigh-)


one step in the right direction started earlier this year. it’s been scuttled a few times before, so hopefully news like this privacy breach will keep it on track ( although, it’s america. so who knows. )


Me: “I’m so clever for having quit Facebook years ago and avoiding all their data mining shit!”


Me: “Fuck my life.”


United Steel Workers? or the German und so weiter?

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  • United Software Writers
  • UnderSea Warfare
  • Ultra Short Wave
  • Update Status Word
  • United States Windsurfing
  • University of Sweden
  • United Sayreville Wrestling
  • United Student Workers
  • U.S. Wheat
  • Utterly Stupid Worthless
  • Undestroyed Secret Warriors
  • Universal Service Weapon
  • United States Wrestling
  • Um Say What
  • Unsprung Weight

(i cop to having the wernicke’s area of my dime-store brain short-circuited at the immersive language department of the Goethe institute)


Robert Rankin knew the score:

The Brentford trilogy is a masterpiece about my birthplace in West London:

"The End Times foretold in The Book of Revelation are coming to pass in Brentford, a peaceful London suburb, East of Ealing. Lateinos and Romiith - a vast computer corporation - is planning to barcode the population of the world and do away with money. The lads who frequent Brentford’s finest public house - The Flying Swan - are not going to like that!
The headquarters of the sinister corporation towers into the suburban sky, casting a fearful shadow and putting the wind up the locals. Something will have to be done and when it comes to tackling Armageddon and the Apocalypse, who better to take on the task, than those two unemployed inebriates, Jim Pooley and John Omally? Well, there’s Professor Slocombe, who has certain plans of his own. And Norman from the corner shop who has just rediscovered the secrets of perpetual motion. And there is also Mr Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, whose surprise visit to Brentford is causing something of a stir. Between the lot of them they are bound to come up with something. . . . . . .Or possibly not!
Yes, they’re back, for Book Three of The Brentford Trilogy: a cast of lovable rogues, fearsome magicians, eccentric inventors and a pagan barlord whose previous adventures were documented in The Antipope and The Brentford Triangle. East of Ealing was originally published in 1984, and now seems very much ahead of its time and forces the reader to ask the cosmic question: where does Robert Rankin get his ideas from?


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