The things Bergdahl carried reveal a fragile, troubled mind


Well, I’m glad the army helped him straighten up and fly right!


My first thought was “why the hell did his most trusted friend release his private diaries to the press?” It turns out there’s another article about her reasons.


Fragile…? I don’t flaming well think so. More like sane in an goddamn insane world. The guy has my respect for walking away from the most fascist force that has ever existed on this planet - the good ole US and A.


I’m the first to rail on the military, but if you’re gonna be stupid enough to sign up in the first place then you sure as hell better do what you signed up for once you’re there. I’ve not seen proper verification but some people are claiming some of his fellow soldiers lost their lives and/or were injured looking for this douchebag. If that’s the case his actions are not respectable.

Every single person sensible enough not to sign up to the military has my respect.


Now, now, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this guy still isn’t the Taliban sympathiser that Obama detractors are painting him as. The picture that is emerging is of a young man that thought he was destined to be a hero, and just couldn’t mesh with his team. He had his troubles then, new troubles now, but he wasn’t a traitor: just, well, dumb.


Cool down papa, don’t you blow your top.

So, do the army and the coast guard just not talk much, or is enlisting someone with a psych discharge from another branch one of those things we started doing when meeting recruitment numbers and adhering to admissions standards were starting to become incompatible goals?

I do not wish to imply that what the coast guard does is trivial, risk-free, or without physical and psychological hardship, because it isn’t; but “couldn’t hack it in the coast guard” does not sound like an endorsement for “frontline infantry posting, with an army that only PNAC thought was large enough, in a notoriously hostile environment”.


I was sure this was going to be another Cool Tools pack dump.


RAWR USA bad! You win the drama-llama award of the day.

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New York Times took a look at those soldiers claimed to have died “searching”.

Bascially, there were eight deaths in the entire province shortly after Bergdahl left/desertted/whatever in a time period that was especially intense all over the country.

Two were defending an outpost, not out searching.

The other six deaths were months after the initial intense search was ended: one while looking for a Taliban leader, two doing recon, three during patrols in a historical “hotbed” of insurgents.

Yes, they were on the lookout for Bergdahl, but it’s not like they wouldn’t have been out there doing the same thing anyway. Kind of hard to make a cause and effect case.

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So l33tspeak + extra spaces and a couple misspellings constitutes a ‘coded message’ now?

He might have been a fragile guy who made a series of bad decisions and not a sympathizing traitor (seems obvious since he didn’t actually betray the US in any fashion), but it doesn’t make the trade a good idea nor does it excuse walking away the way he did. It’s another sad story in a terrible war

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Well it ain’t a good code, but neither is it plain text.

Maybe it’s enough to stop these guys:

Cool, thanks for clearing that up. For me it still doesn’t change the fact that he almost certainly put his fellow soldiers in more of harm’s way by his actions. I’m not a big fan of soldiers or the military, but I am a big fan of doing what you say you’ll do, especially when not doing so could mean other people losing their health or life.

Might keep the message from getting vacuumed up by automated keyword monitoring.

It just means that he decided to walk away instead of the option that thousands/hundreds? of fellow soldiers in the same mindset take – suicide.


Yeah… walking into barren parts of Earth with minimal equipment while in an altered state of mind is suicide. He got “lucky” getting captured before he died of one of many, many potential ways.

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Thank you.