The Three O'Clock "Tomorrow" (1983)


1982 was better

Yeah … but just the first three months. It became such a thing after that.

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That Paisley Underground Sound was quite unique, and I find it pretty pleasing myself. Being a Teenager of the 80’s I thought that as a wonderful time to grow up. We had the Folk Rock of the 70’s to fall back on, and Disco to bash, Punk to let things all hang out, and the many variations of New Wave and the Electronica Bands, and then plain old Rock and Roll, Metal, Hair Metal, Blues, the many variations of Rap. It was a musical smorgasbord during that Decade, and MTV was still all about the music. A lot of music was used to define parts of our lives… It was Awesome. We weren’t GenX back then. We were just not the Baby Boomers or the flower Children. We were the ones that were going to make a difference.

calm down there Hunter… there was no high-water mark in the 80s

I must have listened to The Three O’Clock’s previous EP, Baroque Hoedown a jillion times. Give it a try Mark. Sixteen Tambourines is good, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Living in L.A., I loved seeing all those Paisley Underground and was part of the Paisley Underground “Underground” scene with my own bands (a step below in notoriety!) Next month there’s a benefit show here featuring The Bangles, The Three O’clock, Rain Parade, and The Dream Syndicate. No Green on Red or Long Ryders though. In my humble Opinion, The Three O’clock and Bangles put out Progressively weaker albums, which is a shame, especially for The Bangles, who only rose in popularity as they became more and more watered down and tame.

Wow, that benefit sounds like a show to see (I won’t though, thousands of miles away…)

I think The Rain Parade were my favourites, I still play their Explosions in the Glass Palace miniLP a lot.

Husker Du were a big fan of that scene too:


Baroque Hoedown and Sixteen Tambourines are the same album to me because on the first CD issue they were included together. Together they are one of the best pop albums of the 80s. Always make me happy.

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