The time McDonald's ripped off the creators of H.R. Pufnstuf


Huh. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that Mayor McCheese et al were refugees from Lidsville. I guess I thought that was just a legitimate subgenre of… whatever it was.


As I suspected: McDonaldland is just Living Island with the pot replaced by Type II diabetes.


Dang, I feel old. I remember sketching a little cartoon in . . . fourth grade? . . . which showed Ronald leading a parade of McDonaldLand residents into a volcano. (I read MAD magazine; it seemed like a natural thing to do.)

One of the McDonaldLand commercials had Ronald touring the city hall, visiting the various offices, whose names were rattled off in song, which ended one line with “the Department of Polite.” At which point Ronald looks at the camera and says “It’s the Department Department!”

Which really, really puzzled me for many years. Then I realized I’d misheard it:

“Ohhhhh, he said ‘the Deportment Department.’”

Which is actually kind of clever . . .

In another ad Ronald is leading a couple of kids – boy and girl – through the trippy place. At one point he sees something of interest, or wants to lead the kids somewhere, and grabs the girls’ arm; she shoots him a surprised, offended look.

I’m surprised they didn’t edit that out.

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Grimace also had to lose a couple of limbs.


Officer Big Mac appears to be looking at that flipper and thinking, “That is way above my pay grade”.


FUN FACT: Grimace’s surgically excised limbs keep growing back.

The meat is used to make McRibs.

Now you now . . .


Wow that song sounds a heckuva lot like Beck’s Sissyneck:

Now where did I put that LSD?..


Sort of a variant on


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Wow I remember those ads so vividly. I never questioned. I obeyed.

Waaaaaaait a minute. Big Mac and Big Cheese? There was no Big Cheese - it was Mayor McCheese. This commercial is counterfeit!

I suppose it could be said that H.R. ripped of the wizard of oz also.

TankRiot mention this and more, for those who miss their Saturday morning Kroft fix.

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