The top AI scientist who quit Google over Chinese censorship plans details the hypocrisy that sent him packing

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The truth is, there are we are creating forms of censorship virtually everywhere around the world.


“Don’t Be (unprofitably) Evil”


Im not religious, but bless this man.

For too long the world’s eyes have glazed over to the progress of technology, and not addressed seriously the consequences of that progress.

The only other persons I can think of that have other than this man are William Binney and Edward Snowden.

I’m tired of this relentless blind march every year toward new ways to make a buck. It’s about fucking time long past fucking time that someone important in the field of technology stood up to its abuse by greedy amoral morons.

The people who approve this shit at Google are very quickly becoming exactly that.

Hey Google- I’m talking directly to you. Plenty of men and companies have ruled American Life in their age, thought they were indomitable, and eventually became yesterday’s news as society moved on. Keep this shit up and I guarantee you will be among them a lot quicker. You might not see the unspoken masses that stand against your bullshit but we are here we exist and we are growing. We are among your employees, and we stand against tyranny in all forms, and from all companies and governments.

What you are doing is wrong immoral and unamerican. The trend toward censorship and using the internet not as a tool for learning but as a tool for surveillance is it a trend that needs to end.

And no for the record I am not in Anonymous, I am just someone who is pissed off at your bullshit and speaking for all the other people who don’t have time to directly address it.


Dean argued that only a small number of queries would be censored and that China’s surveillance is analogous to the U.S.’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants

I’d have a hard time sitting though a meeting like that. I’d be unable to stop myself from jumping up and screaming, “Are you a fucking idiot, or do you think I’m one?” Because that’s not an informed, good-faith argument.


Who? Do you mean Joseph Rotblat? Because I think that’s who you mean.

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So, have trade embargoes worked? The US isolated Cuba, did that result in a positive change for the local population?

The choice is between engagement on their terms and isolation. Engagement is a crack in the wall, allowing some information through.

I heard an interesting discussion on the radio where they were talking about divestment vs activist shareholders, where the activist shareholder is the one able to bring about change.

Just curious, was that radio program in Mandarin?

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And having spent some time in China,
I would much prefer censored Google to censored Baidu

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