The tragic downfall of a website meant to connect us

Originally published at: Omegle's Downfall: From Chatroom Ideal to Internet Scourge

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How shall we comfort ourselves, with our blatant misuse of optimistic internet?

Spend real money on quality human moderation so that the forum doesn’t become a Xitter-like cesspit? Nah, funding a cost centre goes against the holy writ of late-stage capitalism (ask Mark Andreesen).

Oh wait, we have that, it’s Chatroulette, and it’s potentially grosser than Omegle ever was.

Potentially? Chatroulette has been a creepy dick-flashing festival almost from its start in 2009.


Still alive?

I’ll grant that all forms of online age-verification suck, but Omegle wasn’t really even trying.

The platform also did not require age verification up until last year, which consisted of a checkbox asking users if they were above 18, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection said in a Thursday news release.


I’m not familiar with Omegle, but I really miss Rando. I wouldn’t say it was meant to connect, exactly, but it was a lot of fun. You’d take a picture and it would send it to a random person somewhere in the world, and you’d get a picture from them in exchange, along with a map showing the general area it came from. That was it- no usernames or friending, no messaging, no like buttons or ads. It was a fun anonymous surprise every time, and I never once got (or sent) a dick pic.


This is how I know I’m getting old. I’m pretty tech saavy and very online and I’ve never heard of this.

Also anonymous chat is pretty much a disaster recipe.


OgleMe requiring “seed investment”…
Ugh, the shudders keep coming.


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