Chatroulette survives as a masturbatory ghost town

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The Verge’s Megan Farokhmanesh recently paid a visit to the near derelict website to speak to the skeleton crew of spunk monkeys that are still manning their love pumps, longing for a female audience

For these die-hards, hope spurts eternal.


The Chatroulette users have discovered the’ Fountain of Uncouth’.


Where digital glory holes go to die.


What services could those possibly be?

masturbatory ghost



Hasn’t anyone told them that law enforcement now has dick recognition software?


A quick survey of any porn site reveals the least-well-kept secret: putatively heterosexual men love looking at penises. Porn with penises outnumbers without by a wide margin. (I’ll admit I have not collected reliable statistics.) The writer seems mystified why men would go there, when it’s almost all men. Same reason they love bukkake, I suppose. Other peoples’ fetishes are baffling, aren’t they?


Pretty kinkshamey article

I will never understand the obsession so many men seem to have with showing off their junk to random women.


The only time I saw any penii on Chatroulette was a guy who whipped it out and I got to see what a “Prince Albert” actually looked like, so that was. . . interesting.

What I most remember of the site was that it was kind of a wasteland even when it wasn’t just majority wankers. I briefly talked with one guy in Turkey about Bob Dylan, but mostly it was people who were just curious, goofing around, playing pranks, and lots of guys looking for “cute chicks” to talk to.

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A very large percentage of men, gay, bi and straight, like taking pictures of their equipment and posting them on the web for anyone to see. For most of them it’s not a shock thing - they’re not flashers in the traditional sense, since they post in places where dick pics are expected and appreciated. And they come from all cultures, too - it seems to be an instinctive thing.

for those who appreciate other mens junk I’m sure it is. I have never really had such an instinct, most of the males who have ever tried to have a look at it were either my doctor, or assaulting me, so lets not round up or down on that one.

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Bit naive , thought was an actual town called Chatroulette were mass fields of eggplants proliferate and men with certain fetishes congregate … although it seems not too far off the mark.


Back then lots of the people I encountered were exactly as you describe. For a while I kept running into this German lady with plastic spoons taped to her face.



I doubt it is a “large percentage” and I do not think there are any numbers available. But it is true that the behaviour is not rare, is not necessarily directed to women and does not necessarily imply posting these pictures where they are not wanted. Obviously, the pictures would not be wanted on Chatroulette, but I do not know how frequent they were. I object to the article presupposing men wanted to shock women without any hint of evidence.

When you say it is an “instinctive thing”, maybe it is akin to the behaviour of some women whose Facebook stream is full of selfies.

As to Chatroulette, the modern day equivalent is probably Periscope. This is also full of people broadcasting themselves to strangers on video. It is a bit different because it is not a one-to-one chat, but the demographics appear to be just as puzzling.

And, for the French speakers here, an obligatory post:

(J’ai rencontré ta mère sur Chatroulette - I met your mother on Chatroulette)

Well, there are plenty, in recent years people moved en masse to the services like or similar, exploiting Omegle-Chatroulette features (in a slightly better way maybe). They claim to have real moderators to watch the complaints against wankers, however, some find the rules too strict (perhaps those who jerk off, lol)