Model forwards unsolicited dick pix, chat transcripts to girlfriends of her harassers


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Good. Serves the creeps right. I hope she sends them anyway, despite their apologies at being caught.

Such creeps can’t actually learn their lesson unless there’s actual consequences. Otherwise they learn that apologizing is the same as indemnification for their inexcusable actions.

Seriously, who the fuck sends dick pics? It’s nonsensical to me.

I mean, sure, if you’re in a relationship and your partner wants to see some hot stuff. But unsolicited? That’s fucking nonsense, and I wouldn’t do it, since it’s quite literally sexual harassment.

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Theoretically they can still get away with an apology, but this time it’s got a better chance of being a genuine one. I wouldn’t stay with someone who did that though, they may actually change their behaviour if they see that doing something like this results in automatic dismissal from the relationship.


Your not staying with them is part of the mechanism of their learning, and is also good for you too. Nobody should feel obliged to stay with a womanizing sexist who doesn’t understand boundaries.

It’s on the immature twit to learn their lesson.


Why does she hate men??? We’re the real victims! Anita Sarkeesian! Anita Sarkeesian!


I say she is censoring these poor men! Haven’t these sjws ever heard of the CONSTITUTION?


Many of them probably are remorseful by the time she’s done telling them what a terrible thing they’re doing and before she says she’ll send the words and images to the guy’s girlfriend; they climaxed during the exchange and can genuinely feel shame for their actions once again. I’m joking, but I’m also not joking.


This is the best use name and shame I have seen.


Well unsolicited ones… I mean hey if you and your partner of choice like sending each other pics and wanking videos who am I to care… just don’t send it to people you don’t know/are not in that kind of relationship with/etc.


They’ll be demanding votes next.




“Nonsensical” is right. It’s all about letting the wrong head do the “thinking.”


plus a fair sprinkling of “not seeing women as fellow people, but as slot machines that dispense Sex if you win”


Nobody brought that whole discussion in here until you decided to. Completely different kettle of fish.


Girlfriends is poetic justice. Mothers turns it up to 11. (Not that I’m saying she shouldn’t do it.)


And probably a fair sprinkling of slot-shaming if you lose.


I sent myself a picture of my own dick to see what it felt like to get one - that’s as close as I could get to receiving an unsolicited one. It was gross. Must have been the lighting.

Seriously though - who the hell is sending unsolicited dick pics? I like to think it’s 0.0001% of the population sending 99.9% of the pics. I mean, it’s not something that would even occur to me let alone follow through with.


For you and others who keep asking that question – there ARE a lot of explanations within easy reach:


Yeah there are some things I just don’t want to google! :slight_smile:


Yeah, me too. But you’re not actually wanting to know the answer to a question that you asked makes me wonder just why so many guys “ask” that question.

I suspect it’s rhetorical, a way of actually saying instead of asking something. Something like, “Jesus, sending dick pics is something I would never do!” I suspect they don’t actually wonder or care much why other guys do it; they just want to assert their own, higher level of decency or whatever.