Jaelyn the Alien definitely does not want to see your penis


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If I know one thing about the internet, it’s that she’s about to get a lot more pictures of penises.


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Few things show the absolute disconnect between how guys think vs how girls think (sorry) than dick pics.

Just for the giggles (and emphasis)


Hah jokes on her, that was my best friend’s penis!


I see your banana split and raise you a mind/body split.


Official Song, now that got my attention.


I lost my shit at the second verse.

Someone get this woman a guest appearance on SNL or something.


“Your weenie is weak” is my new favorite phrase.


I’m only liking this cause it’s true.


Look, if I stopped sending pictures of my penis to everybody who did not want to see pictures of my penis then no one would see pictures of my penis, so you can understand my quandary.


I don’t want to see this video. Also, a “numerous amount”??


Is… is this reverse psychology? I am confused.


The trouble is that there are many who would delight at images of somebody’s penis. So until you try, how would you know with any certainty who might like yours?

I agree that exhibitionism often tends to be sadly desperate. But I think that the problem works not unlike that of “terrorism” (I went there!). The only reason why people do it is because it pushes people’s buttons and gets a strong reaction. If it didn’t, they would almost certainly not do it. Same with bratty kids, they want positive attention so will provoke parents because they opine that negative attention is better than nothing. The mature parent neither strives to neither react positively nor negatively, but rather glosses over the transgression in favor of getting to the deeper problem.

In my experience, flashers and other sorts are best handled with measured indifference. Instead of “sexy!” or “eeeww!”, something like “meh” tends to be more withering.


Absolutely. Most hetero men are enticed and titilated by female genitalia; whereas most hetero women are NOT wired the same way.

In my experience, a woman needs to already have a emotional attachment to the man the peen is attached to, in order to find the peen itself attractive… And maybe not even then.


Why doesn’t she want me to send her this picture?

Oh, wait, she said…


In fact, I’ m a woman who does delight in male genitalia, and may experience a variety of emotions or thoughts ranging from titilation and enticement to indifference when presented with them.

I think the thing that is being glossed over here is context . There is a difference between seeing a picture that I find beautiful or sexy as an observer and recieving an ejaculation shot from an annonymous person, that may or may not be accompanied by threatening words. Is the picture sent to give the viewer pleasure, or is it an attempt to make the other person feel uncomfortable or threatened?


I find it amazing the stark contrast of men vs women. No woman wants random penis pics sent to her. Every man would love to get random boob pics sent to him. (Yes I am generalizing here).

I will never understand the thought process of sending an unsolicited NSFW pic to someone you have no relationship with. Call me old fashioned.


The pen is mightier, though.


So much for The Golden Rule