Gendered objectification


To be perfectly honest, I don’t watch “Supernatural.” But a dear friend shared this post ( with me recently after I shared Chris Pratt’s recent discussion (during Guardians of the Galaxy 2 press junket) about male objectification with her (

Objectification, of any type, is a complicated issue.

From the “Supernatural” post, linked above, this comment struck me the most:

“It is worth remembering that the true ‘Freaks’ of our race are not in sideshows or fetish porn but are stars in Hollywood. Beauty like that [male or female] brings an intense reaction from an audience: We yearn towards it, we resent it, we lust after it, we have all of these complicated feelings about it.”

We endure this now, even on BBS:

And before that endured this:

And before that endured this (seriously, my internal organs hurt looking at her waist):

I’m not interested in a debate about “hey, we showed you ours for years, so now you show us yours” – that frankly smacks of pre-school shenanigans behind the swing set. That’s not fruitful.

Seriously, is objectification, of any type, acceptable?

Incel, a disturbing short film about an "involuntary celibate"
"Weapons-grade femininity"
"Weapons-grade femininity"

Sorry what did you say after Supernatural?


Loved both articles. I’m with James Gunn on this one:


Also, we cannot talk about gendered objectification without talking about Bryan Fullers “Hannibal”.

How he treated the titular character is only how every female character has been treated since time immemorial but with that show and with that director and that character it served to make it “creepy” and “offputting” in ways no other show runner has managed. (Also made the show SUPER popular with the ladies and gay men)



There’s just so much intentional man candy on that series…



I watch TCM all the time, and on Sunday mornings they have a program called “Noir Alley”. One of the promos for the show talks about how sex is shown implicitly in those films because of the old Production Code. One of them - for which I couldn’t find a clip - shows Richard Conte without a shirt, and a woman standing behind him, playing tic-tac-toe on his chest.

Clark Gable going without an undershirt in “It Happened One Night” - it’s not known if undershirt sales actually went down because of that, but just the fact that people think it did says something.


I wonder if Burt Reynolds increased bear skin rug sales, way back when?


Interesting…and it took so little time, and I’m kind of ashamed to I didn’t know this…


THIS…zomg…this was on the basement wall of the house I live in now…my dad’s mistress’s daughter lived in the finished basement, and when we visited them (we didn’t know about the affair at the time, or I didn’t anyhow, I was 10)…and she laughed at me when I gaped it at. Except I think he had the puppies covering his crotch. I’m not sure. I wasn’t turned on by it, because even then I wasn’t a fan, lol.


So much hair. It’s difficult to tell where he ends and the rug begins.


#*literally laughing aloud


The 1970s…hey, wait, did they use him for a “Joy of Sex” model or what?

Come to think of it, the hairless/hairy chest for men has been an on-and-off things for years; I suppose it just comes down to aesthetic preference.


I don’t hate hair…:blush:


Robin Williams?


Me neither. It’s just I don’t usually see it paired with fuzzy rugs. :slight_smile:


In my opinion, hairiness is relative to one’s personal mouth/skin ratio; too much is a deterrent for many women (and non-hetero males too, I presume.)

This, for instance:

Now that is a chest and torso that are just begging to be kissed, IMHO…

Oh, girl; that pic from when Reynolds posed for Playgirl is iconic. If there had been an internet back then Ol’ Burt would’ve ‘broken it.’


One of the things I really love about Netflix originals is that they’re not beholden to the same standards as regular broadcast television. Which means they can be really equal about what they show with no silly double standard.

Like my favorite show Sense8 which cannot resist a nude Max Riemelt.


THAT one is such a favorite. YES.


I also appreciate no hair!


Its funny cuz as much love as I have for that show, and those lovely hairless boys (LOL) they are so not my type.
I just like them… aesthetically? Its funny, I have a couple Dyke friends, and they LOVE this show, (also Tom Hardy).
And it just pure aesthetics. Like, no sexual attraction at all, just literal “eye candy”. I mean, how can you not?