Incel, a disturbing short film about an "involuntary celibate"

Getting hot in here…


Involuntary celibate my ass.

What a waste.


I just had a thought…and at over-100 posts in to this topic, I’m not sure (can’t remember without re-reading the whole topic) if it’s been covered or not…anyway, it occurs to me to wonder: is the incel thing even about sex—or is it about power (in the way that rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power)?


It almost seems an incompetence thing than a power thing.

They think they need (Sex) to be a happy complete thing but can’t understand how to achieve that like relationships are video game where they are rules layering relationships and the sex giver is some npc.

I think this is a far deeply sadder than it just being a power trip.

It’s like a person only learned how a relationship works by bad teen films like Porkey’s and Revenge of the Nerds.

It’s what happens when people are not socialized early and then circle-jerk themselves into a frenzy. I like Contra-points description as it is a social media equivalent of cutting.


Ah, just realized I hadn’t watched the ContraPoints video.


It’s very good overall.


Involuntary often doesn’t mean such individuals aren’t capable of having any sex at all, ever; it’s that the Mila Kunis’s and the Margot Robbies of the world aren’t jumping through hoops to fuck them… and it seems that many incels are under the delusion that they are “owed” a babe, just by mere virtue of being hetero and male… and when reality doesn’t align with such unrealistic masturbatory fantasies they become embittered.

Also for a peek at women avidly discussing sex. sexuality and what appeals to us:

Seems like there’s a whole helluva LOT of ‘interest’ being expressed there…


Lilly Tomlin’s arm pits?? I never!



Those are in there?

Well, whatever floats somebody’s boat, that doesn’t capsize mine…


Sho’ you right; there they are, in all their glory.


…and nice. What an extremely low bar to meet.


In my experience, most dudes who go around describing themselves as ‘nice guys’ are actually anything but.

Usually, they are predatory opportunists just looking for an ‘in’; some token act they can perform or gift they can give women that will automatically afford them a “coochie coupon™.”

*Credit to Montana Taylor, the comedienne that coined that phrase.


What annoyed me back when I lived in the dorms were the girls (women most of us were under 21… anyway) would come in to the shared tv area kvetching ‘men are assholes’ and I would be like excuse me and then they replied ‘no not you you’re nice’… :roll_eyes: (and to be honest the ones that did that were not really ones I wanted to date anyway still good kids but not ones I wanted to ask out)

However it did give me the learnin’ to treat them as just other people and it’s no big deal if they say no to me asking them out.

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“Everything is sex, except sex, which is power. You know power is just sex. Now ask yourself who’s screwing who.”


Oh, damn; they gave the ‘you’re one of the good ones’; that’s messed up.

But when women identify a guy as nice, it doesn’t mean undateable/unfuckable; it means ‘not a predator.’

When men go out their way to describe themselves as ‘nice’, it can often be an early warning sign…


It’s like being “very smart.” If you genuinely embody that quality then you don’t have to tell everyone because other people will say it about you. If not, then…


If you want to be a nice guy, act like a nice guy. Saves time announcing it to everyone.

[same goes for being a gentleman, a liberal, a feminist, etc., etc.]


Eh. I survived. Ended up dating a not quite ex of a friend… From what I understood he had permission but she didn’t know till I confirmed then she pounced on me. Then I got teased cause I was 21 and she was 17…


Yep; don’t talk about it, BE about it.


Isn’t the idea that women are uninterested in sex compared to men a fairly modern (I want to say 19th-century, but I’m not sure) invention, presenting them as “pure” and innocent and needing to be sheltered? If I remember correctly, in Medieval times, for example, it was taken as a given that women were more horny and prone to adultery than men, due to Eve’s sin or something along those lines.

(The reality, I think, is that men and women are about equally interested in sex, though how that manifests is obviously affected by cultural expectations and, possibly, by actual sex-based differences… though I wouldn’t be surprised if those turned out to be an insignificant factor.)


Men don’t just masturbate 2x - 6x more than women, they think about sex twice as much as women, on average, too:

In the study, the median number of young men’s thought about sex stood at almost 19 times per day. Young women in the study reported a median of nearly 10 thoughts about sex per day.

More study data here.

Per the biological differences, men are (much) more aggressive about it, as well. I believe that velocity disparity plus aggression plus profound social ineptitude in the smartphone-rules-the-world era can manifest as this incel bullshit too.

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I wouldn’t say PUA or Jordaddy are the ‘gateway drug’. Those two things are two of the more harmful parts of the whole ‘community’.

If you have to carry the result of a sexual encounter for (at least) 9 months, you tend to be more picky :slight_smile: