Incel terror killing at erotic spa

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Any woman who won’t have sex with them is a man-hating, withholding prude. Any woman who will have sex with them is a whore. It’s a no-win situation for any woman who is unfortunate enough to come across these guys.

The only part of this story that surprises me at all is that the “spas” of Toronto have apparently reopened for business?


It happened three months ago, but they just upgraded the charges. I am impressed that they are taking this seriously.


I was a weird kind of loner kid with very strange ideas about the male and female power balance during the time of cultural turbulence in which feminist ideas were at odds with traditional ideas.

Thank my lucky stars we didn’t have Reddit back then, with its echo chambering self-fulfilling prophecies and institutionally induced mass-depression. Instead, I had to work up all my courage to ask girls out on dates.


Yeah, it’s not like the pandemic is over yet.

As for the “Incel” movement, isn’t it hard to believe that only a decade ago, it was merely a support group for people having problems with dating, etc.? The radical right ruined a perfectly good thing, and turned it into a monstrosity.


How do Canadians usually treat underaged criminals in cases like this?



Sometimes they’re charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Other times we leave them in the hands of the US and let them go to Gitmo.


Here in NZ sex work is legal … now that we are coming out of lockdown - schools and restaurants are open, bars at the end of this week, but groups of 10 or more are not allowed (except in carefully managed circumstances - bars and restaurants have to be seated in small groups). Seems that some sex work has started up again and churches are complaining that one can go to a brothel but not a church …


Man, most 17 year old boys are lonely “losers” with little to no prospects. For most of us, even us dorks, that comes with time. I have no doubt many of us have felt like this kid at one point in our lives - but we didn’t have the poisonous online community incels now have. From what I’ve seen it’s a toxic shit show of self-fulfilling prophecy. :confused:

It gets way better, kids. Don’t throw you’re life away because you’re frustrated.


Read the article. This happened 3 months ago. The charges were just upgraded.


Edit: Apparently I worded this badly and people are misunderstanding. Here’s a cleaner rewording:

We had a perfectly good word with “misogyny”, but decided to appropriate a different word “Incel” that doesn’t quite fit and use that instead. Being an Incel is one of the common symptoms of misogyny and can contribute to it, but the guy who stabs a woman out of general hate isn’t just without a partner, he is a misogynist.

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When did misogyny become a dirty word? This is kind of like when “online trolling” got defined so broadly as to include sitting outside someone’s house all day long with binoculars and following them wherever they went. Incel used to have a fairly narrow definition of people who had no clue how to meet and talk to the opposite sex, but now it covers a whole gamut of misogynistic behaviors. The person who coined the term Incel is a woman.

Uh, that’s not what I remember. How hard is it to connect with a peer group when you’re a teenager?

  1. Take a shower you filthy swine

  2. Ninety percent of everything is just showing up


Irrelevant. The people who self-identify as Incels and developed that identity into a violent misogynist movement of aggrieved entitled psychopaths are men.


So was the person who coined “mansplaining” what’s your point?


It’s great to see a government designating incels as terrorists.

It’s hard to believe because incels (along with MRAs and PUAs) were always a right-wing movement, infused with racism and weird extensions of “free” market fundamentalism into the realm of dating and sex. The “support” and “advice” offered to these schnooks was hateful and misogynistic and was never a “good thing”. The violence started occurring when the alt-right (of which the manosphere was always a part) was mainstreamed by Western conservative political parties and they – like white supremacists – became emboldened.

  1. Treat women as fellow human beings instead of strange and inscrutable alien creatures.

and (post 1994 or so…) 4. Stop with the self-pity. You’re not in HS anymore, and the geeks won.


Probably projecting some, but, and my memory may be fuzzy - the percentage of people dating in HS was like 30% or so…

But yes, showing up is good advice. Of course, you can’t show up if you aren’t invited. :confused:


When did misogyny become a dirty word? It means dislike or contempt for women… it has always been a dirty word. Looking down on a whole class of people is always a bad thing, whether it is because of gender, race, religion, or whatever. Bigotry is Bad mmkay?


I think the two go hand in hand, as right wing tends to look for “others” for the causes of their problems. And so do MRAs, Incels, etc. It’s never their fault - it is some external force working against them. They make good bed fellows.


Wait, what?