Model forwards unsolicited dick pix, chat transcripts to girlfriends of her harassers


In reading the first link google returned (with much trepidation) the short answer is that the dudebros who send dick pic are mostly motivated by harassment/power tripping, with some added insanity, cluelessness, grossness, confusion caused by porn, and overall horribleness. One stated that his only value as a human was that he had genitals. One stated that his only value as a human was that he had genitals.


I’ll man up and google it and see – it’s just something that’s so foreign to me.


Boy I hope I didn’t come across as all high and mighty.


Well no, after all, saying that you’re a better man than those who send unsolicited dick pics isn’t a way of elevating yourself all THAT high above the rest of humanity. :slightly_smiling:

I’d rather see men “man up” in such cases by pondering and then owning up to their own actions. Sure, they don’t send dick pics, but ASSERTING that they would never do that and that they just can’t understand why others would, seems to be, as I said, a way of actually saying something about themselves. If so, why do they want to assert soemthing about themselves at such moments? And really, how does that even benefit anyone but themselves?



Yeah I was just making a joke :slightly_smiling:

I think most people when they say “I would never do X” is a way of saying “I don’t get it” or a much longer way of saying “wtf”. But … I have three daughters so I guess should understand these trends Aside from that, next time I want to say “I would never” I’ll just say nothing or say wtf.



You so Tricky.


I’m incorrigible.

I also lick the tears of these fucking harrassers.


May you be so forever more.


Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.


I get dick pics on word games on my phone. If there’s the ability to upload a photo, some guys are absolutely certain that it needs to be their tallywhacker. My husband suggested they’re trying to get opponents to forfeit the game (he says he’d quit a game if his opponent had a dick pic). But when I don’t reply to their messages, Mr. DickyMcDickerson will forfeit the game 100% of the time.

So there are at least some men who really and truly seem to think that a random woman will want to talk about how much she likes their meat scepter. And they’re gonna keep moving on until they find her.

Moderating the internet is traumatic


I had no idea this could be a thing. Is there no ‘report harassment’ thing in the game(s)? If there isn’t you should try to contact the developer to tell them they need to add this ASAP, and mention you’re being harassed with dick pics by creepers. That’s just unconscionably horrible.


It’s all about ethics in penis journalism.


I totally missed an opportunity. Instead of nixon, I should have posted…


Yeah, you can block a player, but you can’t report them. So they just traipse off to show their womb warrior to someone else. I did end up emailing the developer - after a guy with a cartoon penis as his picture kept messaging me asking if I liked it - and they said a report function was “planned for the future”. I uninstalled it.


I’m a developer (though not a game dev.) - if I got a ‘users are sending dick pics’ ticket, there would be a P1 bug to figure out a way to hellban those users and an update with a fix ASAP. I’d really want to find a way to id those images and if confirmed post them to everyone in their social networks.


Damn, beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I took this screenshot of one of the very few times I replied to a guy’s messages. He actually posted the dick pic after I stopped replying, I guess in an attempt to rekindle my interest (I’d only replied in the first place because I was drunk, and at the movies waiting for it to start.)

He apparently thought I was “Asian” because there was a paper parasol behind me in the photo. So a side of fetishism to boot!


If we can train “random forest decision trees” to id pics of cats, we can do the same with dicks.

In fact, that could be a billion dollar business.

Of course then there would be the inevitable Dick Race, where users tried to circumvent the Classifiers. But if you integrated a ‘name and shame’ component to validated classifications, you could really make a dent. (Similar to what the woman in this article is doing)