The Trilobite Book – Stunning photographs of trilobite fossils that predate dinosaurs



OK. That is mine. I am buying that next pay check.

I love trilobites, though I only have a few fossils. I have a book that basically helps you ID 100s of species, and another high end science book that is over my head about them.

That last photo is a Phacops, which I have, though I think at least part of it is fake.

I am so bummed there are no more of them. I keep hoping one day we find some in the abyss around a deep sea vent or something.


These things have intrigued me since I was a kid and discovered that some trilobite fossils were affordable even with my limited means as a nine or ten year old.

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I always thought The Visiting Kids explained it very well…

Trilobites were the things that drew my attention toward the sciences as a kid. I saved my money for months to save for a child’s geologists kit with a small hammer and chisel, brush and blower, with the hope that someday I would discover amazing fossils too. I never found any fossils, but I did find quite a few pieces of quartz, and many, many rocks. I still have a difficult time walking past a rock without acknowledging it’s sex appeal. This book could spin my life in a whole new direction. I guess I still have that old trilobite love, and strongly feel that rocks rock.


Gonna have to get this.

David Attenborough (very briefly) documented the painstaking process of cleaning intricate trilobite fossils in his First Life series.

A good companion to “Trilobyte! Eywitness to a Extinction” by Richard Fortey.

This is awful. Simply awful. Have you people no idea of the threat these creatures pose? They have been plotting against decent Americans for hundreds of millions of years. This book is clearly intended to lull us into a false sense of security, making our children think of these monsters as “cute.” Who will stand against the trilobite horde?

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You mean the scientific conspiracy to carefully sculpt creatures in order to perpetuate the myth that the earth is older than 6,000 years.


Next best thing?
Trilobite Beetles are Happy Being on Land, Alive in the Present Day

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Link to the First Life clip.

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