The TRUE Fees Act: legislative proposal to force cable/ISP companies to advertise the true cost of their services, inclusive of surcharges

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I sincerely hope it passes, and that it has very sharp legal teeth.


Especially for hotels to add transparency to the added occupancy taxes. That way there is no surprise when the final bill comes due. For a show management company, at least I can accurately quote the hotel costs to my attendees. Resort fees are irksome when all I do on property (besides working) is to shower and sleep.

I miss the days when air travel had the quoted ticket cost had all of the incidental taxes and fees add up to the exact quoted cost.


User empowerment? So it will allow us to opt out of the fees?


America: please, please pass a constitutional amendment banning this sort of tortured acronym from the names of your laws. I am cringing so hard that I fear nerve damage.


I’m in favor; though the fact that things like “you aren’t allowed to lie about the price” need additional emphasis always makes me wonder if our contract and fraud laws aren’t good enough or if the issue is a series of clever decisions out of whatever the nation’s most lawful-evil courts are that has de-facto gutted theoretically sound protections.

If there’s a big mole on the lawn, in Comcast livery, might as well whack it; but one would hope that the general rules that allow this sort of specific case would also be getting due care.

I’m not holding my breath; but it seems like it would be a nice thing.


Just for that, I am patriotically obligated to propose the Securing Our Unique Naming Decisions By Incentivizing Tortured Epithets Act; to preserve our Constitutional* heritage and cherished* traditions*.

My fearless advocacy for the SOUNDBITE Act tells voters everything they need to know about my commitment to values in the face of foreign encroachment on our culture and Homeland.


Everything needs this. I just faced the concert ticket bait and switch of $15 for tickets and then over $20 in fees when I bought four of them.


Will this force monopolies to remove the fees?

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Can they pull hotels into the same legislation? Because resort fees.

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